Aaron Hernandez: Gay Prison Lover Identified?

We might never discover for several what motivated Hernandez to murder Lloyd after which take their own existence.

All we all know now is this fact unimaginably tragic situation in some way is constantly on the get sadder each day.

Aaron Hernandez as a Patriot

Kennedy has been around prison since The month of january of 2015, as he was arrested after robbing a service station cashier having a knife.

One was addressed to Hernandez’s former fiancee, another to his 4-year-old daughter, along with a third to some fellow inmate.

Government bodies confirmed that Hernandez scrawled a Bible passage on his brow in red ink and used exactly the same ink to produce the look of wounds on his hands and ft in apparent mention of crucifixion of Christ.

The thought that Hernandez might have been bisexual sheds new light around the information on his murder conviction.

Insiders include that just before his dying, Hernandez transferred possession of the $50,000 watch to Kennedy as a present when ever he’s released from prison.

Aaron Hernandez in Cuffs

As information on the 27-year-old’s final moments emerged, it grew to become obvious the tragic incident might forever be encircled in mystery.

Kennedy has apparently been in suicide watch since the night time when Hernandez’s body was discovered.

The Bible in the cell lay available to the chapter and verse written on his brow, and tucked within the pages were three separate suicide notes:

The items in the letters remain unknown, but individuals acquainted with the problem say there’s little question that Hernandez and Kennedy were involved with an intimate relationship.

Kyle Kennedy Photo

Through the trial, a Hernandez affiliate named Ernest Wallace claimed that Hernandez’s victim, Odin Lloyd, frequently taunted the athlete with gay slurs and threatened to out him.

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Aaron Hernandez Commits Suicide The Web Reacts

Information regarding the convict were slow to emerge, however nowadays, Radar On the internet is identifying him as Kyle Kennedy, a 22-year-old Massachusetts man serving a sentence on armed robbery charges.

Wallace states he believes it had been Hernandez’s anxiety about being uncovered as bisexual that motivated him to consider Lloyd’s existence.

The saddest story

A week ago, the planet was shocked to understand that former Gambling tight finish and charged killer Aaron Hernandez was discovered dead in the prison cell after getting apparently taken their own existence.

It has been broadly reported the inmate was Hernandez’s gay lover. 

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