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POTTERY. Cooking exception this weekend to Lerka in the company of Alice Aucuit and his students of the time. The artists who initiate new practices to develop other materials to their art and their way.

At the Meeting, for the past few years, this young ceramist challenges regularly in the news art between expo, awards, workshops and deployments of objects born of the earth as his hands, in link with its mind, its heart“ur, too, have learned to sculpt, shape, and bake in the oven for cooking immortalizing his creations. “Nothing innate, a priori. No predisposition to do this job. Small, I had certainly decided to be an artist, but I thought so in the theatre, and music. I responded to a lot of castings and 11 years of age I found it all very complicated so I thought, rather to the visual arts,” says Alice Aucuit that, at Blois, his native city was chosen on the advice of a teacher to pass a bac applied arts. “This has helped me understand what I liked or not in this specialty. And manifesting greater ease of composition, materials and volumes, I was oriented to the ceramic. In parallel, we were taught everything that is design and pub, in the clear, all the great ado that I was, didn’t like in the company, preferring instead the craft. This is why I chose to integrate the Ecole nationale supérieure des arts appliqués Duperré, in Paris.”

Alice had no idea then that the choice of the ceramic was to change his life. “The two years spent in Paris seemed to me to be royal ! A true palace; where everything was possible in the reality of the workshops.”The girl had never left the mother country until she flies away at the end of the world.”Charlotte, a friend of my class came out of the Meeting and when she decided to move in to his island to teach pottery, I proposed to him to go and help him settle in. It was 2005, and I’ve never left, finally, for me to settle œ!

The Meeting opens the doors to China

It was the time when, at the Beaux-arts, Alain Seraphine launched a training on a year with a chinese master, Hu Jiwen. œReçue by Jack Beng-Thi, I have been committed for the year with a three-month internship in China at the key, Jingdenzen. That discovery ! I loved already the asian cuisine ! My best childhood friend is vietnamese and she taught me to make spring rolls…. However, China was, for me, like ceramics, a sort of coup de foudre”. She returned, ten years later, before discovering, last year, the Japan, always to expand his passion. “The Asia fascinates me and I look forward to traveling in Korea, Indonesia and Cambodia to learn other techniques, knowing that South America and Madagascar, they also make me blow nice melodies about the pottery ! (laughter)”.

What is interesting in this area, she says, is that it is present and different in any part of the world. “And this motivates me particularly, is that ceramic has always accompanied mankind. I enter, therefore, through this practice, in the human chain. And against the current of what is called “progress”.

œEn focusing on the techniques of another time, me bringing it back to the essence of life. We learn the value of time, the patience, the perseverance… The time scrolls but professionally I have to ask in a truth”, says Alice, Aucuit that has to be the“heart of discover techniques from elsewhere, to share and to transmit. œAlors, after all the preliminary work, modeling cooking different, I read in the eyes of the apprentices, ceramic (high school students, adults, marmailles arts students..) that they are faced with something….extraordinary !”.

This time, these are established artists who benefit from its teaching Lerka. “Interesting, because they arrive with their own baggage, their universe. They have chosen their theme, aware of what they want to achieve. Unlike children who are always more spontaneous, moving rapidly to the achievements very expressive when seniors, which only apply to produce a perfect object at the risk of missing the vital flow of the material earth.”

In this regard, Alice Aucuit note that Lerka has been done through the provision of this workshop, a panel of land of high quality. “What would make my job easier, which is here simply after showing the basics, to accompany each on his personal project. Not being myself in creating, I realize better the importance of the delicacy and the sweetness of the gesture that I do now of course but in life I am rather dynamic, and in the energy. One always learns a lot about oneself by watching others”, she said smiling, before going to join his “students” to prepare the stage of cooking that will keep them busy today and maybe even tomorrow…


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