5 Prospects New You are able to Knicks Should Target Following National basketball association Draft Lottery –

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It’s difficult to attract a bead on where Malik Monk goes within the draft, but Sports Highlighted‘s 76ers” target=”_blank”&gtJeremey Woo has him visiting the Knicks. Monk has flaws and can be a one-trick pony, however when that trick gets buckets, it boosts you in the draft board.

Fortunately for the Knicks, they’ve this type of guy in Lance Thomas, who’s a terrific on-ball defender and shot 44.7 % from deep this past year. When the Knicks possess the right guy running they, Thomas might be a decent fit alongside Monk

Another issue here’s that, like a shooter, Monk is much more Klay Thompson than Stephen Curry in that he’s at his best when another person sets him up. He isn’t the best like a primary ball-handler. 

When the Knicks trade Anthony May and posess zero point guard, who’s that likely to be? Monk, Thomas and Porzingis could be terrific at stretching a legal court together, however the Knicks would want a willing passer who are able to break lower defenses from the dribble. 

Therefore the Knicks would either have to be positive about remarkable ability to build up him on ends or turn to another wing like a three-and-D guy who could pair with him. 

Monk averaged 19.8 points shooting 49.7 % from two and 39.7 % from deep this past year, so he certainly is really a scorer.

“Having fun with wavering intensity and improvable discipline, Monk is capable of doing applying ball pressure and held their own typically this year, but makes some mistakes allowing slower players to get at spots against him from the bounce, is not very disruptive, while offering little value around the glass. His capability to get more powerful and remain dialed in is going to be answer to his capability to guard both guard spots, because he appears more appropriate to protect the purpose guard place given his physical tools.”

Woo argues: “It might be pretty challenging for the Knicks to pass through on Monk’s starry upside within this scenario. He’s among the best pure shooters within the draft and presents a lot of options despite measurables that leave a little to become preferred. If Melo’s headed on vacation, New You are able to will require another person to attain the ball and could be justified in embracing Monk hoping he evolves right into a lethal one-two punch alongside Kristaps Porzingis. Monk will not prepare yourself from the first day, but will make an electrifying easily fit in your garden if all breaks properly.”

Monk might be a defensive liability, though there’s room for improvement there, based on Mike Schmitz and Matt Kamalsky of DraftExpress.com:

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