+40% of food parcels, the BAM feeds some of the concerns

SOCIAL. The Food Bank of the Mascarene islands is drowning in applications for food parcels. Then she hoped to perpetuate his social action, they fear the wagon proposed by the government. Eight subsidised jobs are threatened.

Poverty is gaining ground. And just to contradict some of the economic indicators. This is the assessment made by the Food Bank of the Mascarene islands (BAM) on the first six months of the year. Compared to the previous year and over the same period, the demand for food parcels has soared +40 % !

Figure disturbing was delivered by the director of the BAM, Marcel Técher and its secretary, Bruno Prochasson on the occasion of a visit of the BAM in which the seven members of the island were invited to attend. But that did not move as the deputy of the 5th constituency : Jean-Hugues Ratenon. The nearly 9 500 food parcels have been distributed since the beginning of the year, in addition to 18 000 meals and breakfasts are to be distributed. About 9 500 households and 80 000 people helped.

Single-parent families and the new wave of small pensioners would be the origin of this strong increase of the social demand of emergency. A figure, however, tempered by the leaders of the BAM that integrates the best knowledge of the BAM by the public and a better tool to develop this statistic. However, the trend for them is very real and disturbing.

œLa proportion of people over sixty years is on the rise. This is only the beginning of the wave for the third age ‘, stressed Maurice Técher. According to the indicators of the BAM, the small pensioners account for almost a quarter of the applicants parcel. œLe public of the BAM is not only made up of people receiving the social transfers, has added Bruno Prochasson. There are also many families who do not live with one salary ‘ Nearly 30 % of the applicants have the profile of an adult with dependent children.

In the Face of this strong demand, the BAM feeds some of the concerns. These have been presented to the member of parliament for the East, since the head office of the bank, with a View-Beautiful. A meeting room adjacent to a warehouse nearly empty, awaiting the arrival of new pallets of food; one of the five distribution points of the package in the direction of the associations and of the Centre Communal d’action Sociale (CCAS).

In particular, on the use of assisted contracts. The association, which does not have own funds, and may base its action on the volunteer (thirty quasi-permanent and 400 casual), she hired nine employees, only one in the CDI, built-in to the operating budget of the association. The other eight people (six in the CAE/CUI and two in Employment for the Future) are now on the hot seat since the government Philippe has decided to no longer enjoy it as before. As the crisis supported employment observed during the school year, the BAM is afraid of having to tighten the belt. The two jobs of the future have been halted at the end of the month of July. It is expected that the contract of two other CAE/CUI comes to an end in August 2018 and the remaining four in January 2019. œOn had signed each time for three years, said Mr Prochasson. So, the question is not posed to us at the term of the contract ‘ Except that, as pointed out by the deputy mélenchonniste : œTout is stopped ! ‘And not sure that associations have the same weight as the mayors to make their case and preserve these fixed-term contracts, precarious.

The association fears of job cuts while she was considering, in the light of its needs, in calling for the creation of five other and to the transformation of five fixed-term contracts into permanent contracts. JHR has heard the call. eye should not go it alone on this folder, he says to his interlocutors. We have already made a common front with the other members on records cane, CHU, Seated in the Power supply and the supported contracts. There is no political tendency here. I seek the other members have to say : œAllon together then burn ! ‘For the leaders of the BAM, the Region and the Department should also take the folder.

  • A stock is watched very closely

With a volume of food a sharp increase (+40 %) and a number of beneficiaries, an increase of +48 %, the Food Bank of the Mascarene islands ensures the grain. His stock of food was coming into the break up by 2015. To avoid a new shock social, the BAM monitors its supply. In particular, assistance to those in need that brings him to Europe. Through the Fund for European Aid to the Destitute, it retrieves 527 tonnes of food. Locally, under the impetus of the anti-waste, collected from the wide distribution 347 tonnes. The european aid is decisive but erratic. The FEAD is currently guaranteed until 2020. After that, no one sai it will happen. Here, too, the deputies are called upon to intercede in their favour. So much so that the BAM is not able, through lack of means, to collect fruits and vegetables from the prodcuteurs iep. This type of food is, therefore, too often collected from importers. With the obligation to respect the cold chain to preserve the quality of the products. Inevitably, the BAM calls for more resources to equip its stores with refrigerators and freezers. Two new cold rooms are prjetés on the warehouse of Saint-Pierre. The BAM hopes to soon be able to create two other (negative this time) to The Saline and Bras-Panon. To achieve these projects and many others, the BAM has proposed the parliamentarian to explore the opportunity to create a foundation involving all the potential donors of The Meeting.

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