22 Stars Who Committed Suicide

The director of Top Gun and True Romance, among other hits, died from multiple blunt pressure injuries after bouncing off a bridge into the la Harbor. He left notes for his buddies and family.

The British actress made an appearance in Spiderman 3 and Serendipity and it was sadly found dead in her own Paris apartment. She hung herself.

Simply because you’re wealthy and famous, it doesn’t mean you don’t suffer.

1. Robin Johnson

Robin Williams

Jovan Belcher, a linebacker around the Might Leaders at that time, shot his girlfriend dead after which drove to team headquarters where he shot and wiped out themself before his coach and gm. Horrible stuff.

2. Mindy McCready

Mindy McCready

The nation artist wiped out herself having a self-inflicted gunshot wound in 2013, getting two times attempted suicide previously. Her children were already in promote care during the time of her dying.

3. Kurt Cobain

Kurt Cobain

We mourn their passing so we hope they’ve found the peace in dying that they couldn’t get in existence…

4. Tony Scott

Tony Scott

Kurt Cobain stunned the background music world once the Nirvana lead singer wiped out themself via gunshot at age 27.

5. Jovan Belcher

Jovan Belcher

Tragically, the next stars all demonstrated this time to become accurate once they required their very own lives.

6. Lucy Gordon

Lucy Gordon

Struggling with depression, Robin Johnson hung themself at age 63.

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