21 Questionable Clothing Products Which Were Really for Purchase

Zara rapidly yanked this children’s shirt off its shelves after complaints the stripes and 6-pronged star managed to get seem like uniforms worn by inmates in Nazi Germany.


Just think about the following examples…

1. Teens Get It Done Better

Teens Do It Better

Yup, it’s Urban Outfitters again. The organization stopped selling this “Consume Less FoodInch shirt in The month of january 2014 after lots of uproar and outrage. Method to mock seating disorder for you, Urban!

2. Consume Less Food Shirt

Eat Less Shirt

Yoga pants during yoga? Clearly appropriate? Leggings within lengthy sweater or jacket? Ditto. But they have be a near-constant replacement for regular pants for a lot of women carrying out their lives, that has led to much debate.

3. Yoga Pants and/or Leggings

Yoga Pants and/or Leggings

You would be shocked at just how questionable clothes could be.

4. American Apparel Vagina Shirt

American Apparel Vagina Shirt

This shirt from American Apparel featured a bloody vagina. We question why people objected into it.

5. Vintage Kent Condition Shirt

Vintage Kent State Shirt

This Year, American Apparel came critique because of its “Teenagers Get It Done Better” shirt because of its suggestive slogan. Prepare for more American Apparel in the future.

6. Zara Nazi Shirt

Zara Nazi Shirt

Urban Outfitters really place a shirt for purchase it known as “vintage” and which remembered a massacre at Kent Condition in 1970.

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