20 Really Ugly Beauty Pageant Scandals

Carrie Prejean was the very first runner-up for Miss USA in ’09. She made major headlines for being released against gay marriage in her own Q&ampA segment, eventually losing her Miss California crown because of breach of contract.

Lebanese Miss World 2015 contestant Saly Greige and Miss Israel Doron Matalon stirred up major debate despite keeping their clothes on: the special gems dared to become photographed together despite Lebanon and Israel happen to be at war since 2006.

We are speaking about the kinds of scandals which have left multiple winners stripped of the crowns.

Miss Zimbabwe 2015 also was made to vacate her crown after naked photos hit the web.

1. Miss US… NAY!

Miss US... NAY!

And, no, we are not talking about this to be the twenty-first century and ladies still being paraded over the stage in bikinis and ball gowns.

2. Katie Rees

Katie Rees

After Jesse Trump made questionable comments about Mexican immigrants, NBC declined to air the Trump-owned Miss USA pageant in 2015.

3. Emily Kachote

Emily Kachote

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4. Saly Greige and Doron Matalon

Saly Greige and Doron Matalon

From proprietors who hate Mexican immigrants to winners who might or might not perform a large amount of drugs, numerous beauty pageants through the years have attracted attention for the wrong reasons.

5. Carrie Prejean

Carrie Prejean

Jamie France won Miss Teen Or-World in ’09. Not a problem there. But she ended up being arrested on drug charges in 2014.

6. Jamie France

Jamie France

Katie Rees was topped Miss Nevada in 2007… simply to then lose her crown after sexually-explicit images from the prior year went viral. She seemed to be billed with meth possession in 2015.

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