17 Reasons Why You Need To Have A Pity Party for that Kardashians

No mobile phone service?!? Just how can Kris Jenner even continue on with her existence?

Pity the Kardashians, folks.

Bust out the violins on their behalf.

1. No Cell Service!

No Cell Service!

Wait… did I result in the wrong hair decision? NOO!!! Express it is not so.

2. Losing A person’s Gemstone Earring

Losing One's Diamond Earring

Just consider the sorts of pressing problems this family members have faced through the years…

3. Inappropriate Selfe-Snapping

Inappropriate Selfe-Snapping

Know when you wish to weep? But you are putting on very costly makeup? Kim Kardashian does.

4. Being Bipolar Over Hair

Being Bipolar Over Hair

Look, Kim Kardashian, you will find appropriate occasions to consider selfies and fewer appropriate occasions to consider selfies.

5. When Makeup Prevents Crying

When Makeup Prevents Crying

NOOO! Kim Kardashian has lost her gemstone earrings within the water. Will it have any more tragic?

6. Getting Stuff to complete

Having Stuff to Do

It does not get much worse than this: your friend really wants to spend time, but you must do some stuff.

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