13 Paternity Scandals That ROCKED Hollywood

Through the years, numerous celebrities have discovered themselves in scalding warm water over whether they accidentally fathered a young child from wedlock.

Michael Girgenti, men model who posed for any shoot in older days with Kourtney Kardashian, claimed at the begining of 2015 that he’s the actual father of little Mason. He required a dna paternity test… also it demonstrated that Scott Disick is Mason’s father. Oops!

Yes, THAT O.J. Simpson. For many years, tabloids have pressed the rumor that O.J. is really Khloe Kardashian’s father, not Robert Kardashian. Simpon themself hasn’t shot lower the chatter, although Khloe has frequently mocked it.

Joseline Hernandez shared an Instagram photo in nov 2016. It portrayed her baby bump. She then claimed that Stevie J knocked her up, although others say Youthful Dro may be the father of her impending child. It is a pretty confusing mess. Click the headline above for additional.

1. Pilot Johnson versus. Blac Chyna

Pilot Jones vs. Blac Chyna

Click around below to become advised of a few of these scandals, most of which are ongoing and every one of which blew us far, far, a long way away…

2. Michael Girgenti versus. Kourtney Kardashian

Michael Girgenti vs. Kourtney Kardashian

How about your child dada?!?

3. O.J. Simpson versus. Kris Jenner

O.J. Simpson vs. Kris Jenner

Remember Mariah Yeater? In 2010, she accused the youthful singer of sleeping together with her backstage following a concert and placing a child in her own womb. The suit was eventually dropped and we have heard little about this since.

Stevie J. vs. Joseline Hernandez

Mere days before Chyna was because of give birth, questions began to abound over whether someone named Pilot Johnson impregnanted the truth star, instead of Take advantage of Kardashian. Chyna has strongly denied this rumor.

Justin Bieber vs. Mariah Yeater

Save the drama for the baby mama?

6. Jude Law versus. Samantha Burke

Jude Law vs. Samantha Burke

Jude Law had an informal fling with model Samantha Burke after which requested a dna paternity test when she grew to become pregnant. Because it turns, the baby was his! Whoops!

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