10 private beaches of Juan-les-Pins close permanently Sunday

Lucky Beach, Lido beach, beach of the islands, Jazz, beach, Hills beach, Star beach, Epi beach, Neptune Beach, The small beach, The white Sail.

Here are the 10 beaches that will close definitively their doors Sunday… to leave space for 5 new the next summer.

After two years of occupation without right or title in the public domain, they will have one month to dismantle their equipment before the arrival of construction equipment.

On this stretch of coastline juanais, the City will take charge of the demolition of the bathing establishments, sub-licensed, made compulsory by the decree, Beaches 2006.

Cost of the operation: one million euros.

Even if the decree were to change, it démolira to Courbet, said Jean Leonetti. We want to go that fast for that, starting next season, this sector may be able to find facilities beaches. Beach goers of Courbet. They know that they must stop their activity. They also know that I am not responsible for this situation. I have no problem with them.(2)

Four beach goers candidates

Which will get the authorization to exploit lots of beaches? “We will make every effort to ensure that this economic activity continues to Juan-les-Pins, but we can’t guarantee to former delegates, that they will find a concession”, replied the mayor promises a full transparency in this sensitive issue.

Are planned: two lots of annual 1.000m2 and three of 650m2.

Only four beach goers of the current area Courbet have made application.

On the other hand, the situation is very different from the other side of Juan-les-Pins, on the sector of the cob Lutetia where seven beach goers stubbornly refuse to demolish it -at their expense – their facilities and have, it seems, no intention of lowering the curtain on Sunday.

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